The Jean Michel Collection of eyewear has a great variety of styles for the whole family and for every budget.  Most styles are very light weight and refined, particularly our Stainless Steel and Titanium series.  All models are available in two, three and sometimes even four colours.

Jean Michel frames are especially appreciated for our excellent and varied selection of ladies’ petite styles. As well, discover for yourself our special edition “60′s by Jean Michel Collection”, emphasing the vintage look.

Here are all the Jean-Michel divisions;

Jean-Michel Boutique:

Frames made of Stainless Steel, bold and yet, light weight.

Jean-Michel Collection:

Classic frame styles, elegant and affordable.

Jean-Michel Titanium:

Frames made of Titanium, with chic style.

Jean-Michel Sport:

Frames for smaller faces with youthful colours.

60’s by Jean-Michel:

Only the best of “The Vintage Look”.