The Call Me Miss collection was born with the purpose of offering women diversified luxury frames. It provides the modern woman to wear an embellished frame which shows her marked taste for fashion while allowing her to adapt her style and image for every day: harmonious, trendy and practical.While respecting the need for individual personality, every frame model is eccentric, reflecting the influences of the brand. Romantic and poetic, it is a rose sometimes black, sometimes blue, that is the emblem of the brand and which denotes its signature.

We are very pleased to present this collection to you, which we believe will satisfy the most demanding consumer. A Call Me Miss frame is much more than just a practical tool, but also a fashion  accessory for those who will raise it high.

This season, BM Design launches eleven new models, each offered in two or three colors. Among the major pieces, we find the very distinguished Miss Classy 2, a frame encircled by a glossy rim outside intensified by a satin finish inside. Its temples are discreet, and at the same time elaborate. Another key model of the season, the very refined Miss Sophisticated 2, has complex lines that are highlighted by a checkered pattern. The whole creates a piercing glance which  arouses  considerable attention. Finally, let us highlight the originality of the extravagant Miss Trendy 2. The contrasting colors are a stage for the whimsical effects of the temples. From precious violet to deep red, by way of smoky blue, iridescent and brilliant frames punctuate the season with the color palette of the Call Me Miss collection with dominant black and white.